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Trailer manufacturer

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Project Description

Re-Design of MÜNZ Anhänger with WordPress

Large company website, new design of the website in WordPress with a premium design. A premium slider is used on the start page to briefly present the product groups and highlights. All other relevant information is placed on the start page. Clear respresentation of the product pages and product information were implemented by visual elements.

SEO. The website was optimized for search engines. Responsive Design.

MÜNZ | Fahrzeugbau in Pliezhausen, Trailers of all kind. (cars, trucks, agriculture)

Robert-Bosch Str. 13 – 17, 72124 Pliezhausen

MÜNZ Anhänger Pliezhausen, start page

MÜNZ Anhänger Pliezhausen, startpage slider car trailers

MÜNZ Anhänger Pliezhausen, start page slider, car trailers

MÜNZ Anhänger, start page slider - truck trailers

MÜNZ Anhänger, start page slider - agricultural trailers

MÜNZ Anhänger Pliezhausen, company page

MÜNZ Anhänger, product page - truck trailer

MÜNZ Anhänger, page direction

MÜNZ Anhänger, Pliezhausen, contact page