Project Description

Redesign of the previous blog page

Jules Sung is a certified health coach and yoga instructor. Her homepage was completely revised regarding content, technical and visual elements. New pages for the coaching and workshop offerings were added and the blog categories respectively assign to the new areas: health, yoga, lifestyle. The site is optimized for smartphones.

Visual design elements and technical integration:

  • Newsletter integration for Mailchimp
  • Mailchimp popup on the startpage , design and technical integration
  • Recipes overview with filter functionality
  • Misc. forms on the coaching/workshop pages
  • Two intro sliders on the startpage
  • Display of the recent articles and recipes on the startpage
  • Instagram integration with thumbnails on startpage and footer
  • Twitter integration on the footer
  • Flipboxes for short infos with link integration
  • Mailchimp newsletter: design of the newsletter template
  • Logo design

JULES SUNG  | Certified Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

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